Ice cream and summer

As this coming weekend is the ‘end of summer’ as everyone insists on calling it (even though we still have until September 20th before fall begins) it’s nearing the time to hang the old ice cream scoop up until next year… or is it?
Who says that ice cream is a summer treat and not something to eat year round? Not I!
I feel that many people think ice cream is mostly a summer treat because there haven’t been enough advantages in ice cream deserts geared toward fall and winter. I have a few suggestions:

Create a Fall leafs flavor, it should be a colorful swirl of fall colors, the flavor should be something that seems fall like.

A pumpkin shaped cake or cookie that can be filled with pumpkin flavored ice cream.

They make cookies in seasonal shapes, why not ice cream sandwiches in the same shapes? Just imagine eating a ghost shaped ice cream sandwich on holloween? A snowman during December?

What do you think? Should ice cream be a mainstay all year long? I’m curious what you think.
I may have a few more ideas over the coming weeks or months on this topic.
Thanks for reading!


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