Jokes for August 27th

Thanks for joining me tonight. It’s time for another post filled with bad jokes. I have some jokes for you tonight that I think are pretty good, or bad depending on how you look at it.


Why do magicians never get elected to office?
Because everyone already knows they are experts at hiding things.

Why don’t cars get lonely?
They have carpets (car pets)

Why did two hockey players buy a costume store?
So they could have a face-off.


What did the ear of corn say as it was being cooked?
The heat is on.

What happens when you cross a pirate parrot?
You end up walking the plank.


A famous sport star past his prime recently put his house up for sale, when the real estate agent asked why, he pointed to the ceiling and said “My fans don’t like me anymore.”

When the famous golfer went to buy art for his new mansion, no painting dealer would do business with him as he was know for getting holes in one.

Which is funnier?

Why did the successful gambler buy a sponge factory?
Because he wanted to really clean up.

Why did the successful Gamber build a soap factory next to the race track?
So he could really clean up.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these jokes.


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