Random thoughts for August 29th

Welcome once again to my random thoughts. The horrors of my mind in other words. I hope you enjoy your visit.

This weekend everyone is looking at the ‘End of Summer’, which is not an episode of Doctor Who, no matter how much it sounds like one.

Even though everyone is calling this weekend the end of summer, we really have a few more weeks until Fall begins, just enough time to wonder how hard of a winter it will be before the snow starts flying.

Will a cat-proof terra cotta pot ever be invented? For those of us who prefer not to use plastic pots and have cats that like to run around, I hope so.

Cats play rough with one another, sometime you think they might be out to kill one another, only when it’s too late do you realize the real target is the food you’re carrying.

Cat treats, they are supposed to be just that, treats for cats, but as soon as a cat knows they are there, they turn into another source of food… if the cat like them, if not they get thrown away.

Have you noticed that the unrest in the world never ends? One place flares up while another simmers down until it flares up again, it seems like a perpetual cycle.

For hundreds if not thousands of years, humans have kept trying to predict the future, it’s never really worked. In this day and age you’d think we’d be wiser, but we aren’t. Today we pay people to predict the weather… it still doesn’t work.

Blogging is hard work, it’s even harder when you don’t have any ideas.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re looking forward to tomorrow night when I ruin some food for the end of summer!


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