What now?

What now… that is the question everyone should be asking themselves right now. Summer is unofficially over, Fall hasn’t really begun yet, so we’re trapped in a period of nothingness it seems.
What now? The season for ice cream and lemonade is all but over as well, so we can’t even drown our sorrows in them, nor can we use either as a means to waste time waiting for Fall to arrive.
What now, you ask? I’ll tell you what: comic books and candybars. Those are two things that never go out of season (at least if you don’t mind chocolate smudges on your comic books in the heat of Summer that is).
As we are between Summer and Fall, it’s a perfect time to go and read a comic book you’ve never read before while munching on a candy bar you haven’t had in a while.
Don’t limit yourself to a modern comic book, look at the old ones, there are more comic books than you can shake a rolled up comic book at (please don’t try it, it only ruins the comic book).
The same goes with candy bars, while you could stick with the same old candy bar you’ve eaten all year, why not look around and try something you’ve never tried before? You might find a new favorite.

However, if you’re like me, you’ll just sit back, laugh at anyone who says you can’t eat ice cream after Labor Day and enjoy you ice cream sandwich while reading a comic book, aways keeping a candy bar within reach. for when the ice cream runs out… now if we could just do something about the old comic book series that are long gone…

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