Home improvements for cats

Tonight I’m looking at how cats would like their homes improved. This list covers things as simple as lower counters to as complex as landing strips- yes, I did type landing strips.

Cats are simple in their wants, but sometimes they still want a few changes in thier lives. One thing all cats want is a long stretch of carpet to run on, a landing strip of sorts. It’s much better for stopping on, tile and wood floors just don’t allow a poor cat to dig in their claws to implement a 180 degree turn, which in turn can endanger your cat. So do them a favor and get nice thick carpeting- there’s a reason it’s called carpet.

Lower counters are also something cats would all enjoy, it would make looking for snacks much easier.

In-floor sinks are also something most cats would enjoy, with faucets that they can use. Let’s face it, we humans are not the only ones who enjoy a nice fresh glass of water.

Floor mounted ice cream dispenser… come to think of it, I’d like one of these myself.

Purr activated treat dispenser. Enough said.

All two cat households should also be equipped with a wrestling or boxing ring.

One last thing all cats wish they had is a spring-loaded mouse cataplut. catch the mouse, place it in the catapult and next thing you know there’s a mouse in space.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.
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