Quotes from Caesar’s cat

While everyone has heard of Julius Caesar, few people have heard of his cat, known as Cattus Caesar. Yes, it’s a lost fact that Caesar never went anywhere without his trust cat. In fact, shortly after Caesar marched into Rome in49 B.C. his cat declared to all Roman cats: (note: This is the english translation of ancient Roman cat languge) I came, I slept, I ate.
During one of Caesar’s many trips to Eqypt, his cat is supposed to have said: I came, I slept, I was worshipped.
While these quotes might make it sound as those he was a lazy cat, it’s not true, as these quotes show:

Mice die many times before their actual deaths.

In war, events of importance are the result of trivial pounces.

It is easier to find mice who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to play with patience.

I divide all mice into three parts.

All Gaul is divided into three parts, but all mice belong to me.

Unfortunately, Cattus Caesar died the same day Julius Caesar died, He was killed by another cat who had claimed to be his friend, he is said to have died after sayin: Et tu, Tom?

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