Things cats have no use for

Tonight I’m sharing with you a few things that cats have no use for. I’m also including for your delight a brief reason why they don’t need these items.

Night vision goggles (cats can see purr-fectly well in the dark as it is)
Mouse traps (traps take the fun out of the hunt after all)

Stop signs (If you’re going a hundred mile per hour, you can’t see the signs… besides who ever thought to put stop signs in a hallway anyway?)

Broccoli (Come on, does anyone like the stuff? No self respecting cat would either!)

Radio (Cats believe that they can sing better than any human… however they would like to know if it’s a small person or a mouse that can talk in those speakers.)

Balls of yarn (Cats believe that all yarn should be free from balls and it is their duty to free all yarn from lives of roundness.)

Books (The only purpose of books is to distract humans from serving cats, a fact that all cats know from birth.)

Closed doors (Doors are to be open, otherwise why would they be able to open?)

I hope this post has helped you understand your cat a bit better, f not, I hope you at least got a chuckle or two.
Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.


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