Jokes for September 20th

It’s time for more jokes! Somedays its hard to come up with jokes, but I’m not going to let you down. I’ve got several new jokes that should be either good enough or bad enough to give you a laugh. I hope you enjoy these.


When did the athlete discover that he was better suited to be a demolition expert?
When his coach told him to hit the showers

When a baseball bat records a song, is it automatically a hit?


Who do fruits turn to for help?
Lemons, they are always in lemonaid.

Who wins during a boxing match between clothing?
It always ends in a tie.

Cat jokes

A cat walks onto a dairy farm. It watches as a farmer milks a cow. Thinking to get himself some fresh milk he walks toward the farmer and trips him. The farmer scolds the cat and puts him in the barn with a religious text. As the cat explores, he discovers a way into the attached chicken coop. With a grin, the cat thinks “I’ve got a wing and a prayer now!”

Apple and doctor jokes

If an apple gets drunk, is it sauced?

An apple was kicked out of a bar because he was sauced.

A doctor went skydiving. While his parachute deployed perfectly, a gust of wind forced him off course. A few weeks later he was found nearly starved to death in the middle of an orchard. When asked why he hadn’t just picked some fruit to eat, he explained that he had spent those weeks surrounded by apples, proving once again, apples keep doctors away.

A doctor vanish on vacation. After a multinational manhunt, he was found celebrating in a bar with a piece of fruit. The official story was that an apple a day kept the doctor away.

remember this one?

A joke from one of my earlier joke posts:

Two melons had fallen in love and we’re planning on running away to get married, before they did, the decided to confide In their friend, a walnut.
After hearing their plans, the walnut burst out laughing as he said “you two crack me up, you to, cantaloupe.”

Thanks for reading. I hope at least one of these jokes cracked you up.
I’ll have more new jokes next week.


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