How cats see things

Cats see the world differently from us humans, here are a few examples:

If a cat can see you, you can see the cat, even if he is behind you.

If a cat ignores you, you can’t see her.

If you’re doing something that isn’t related to food, you must want to play.
What else is there to do besides eat and play? Or hunt…

If you are doing something with food, it had better be for your cat. Why else would you have food?

Doors serve no purpose and should be left open no matter what; how else can your cat go where he or she wants anytime day or night?

Bags of cat food are fair game, game claws can help with. As a cat thniks, if the top don’t open, rip the side.

Thee time between your foot lifting from one step to setting down on the next is more than enough time for a cat to slip under it.

Human’s like nothing more than to be tripped, it’s a fun game.

There is no such thing as cat proof, it’s just a challange.

Nothing is too high for a cat, if there is something fun up there.

A cat’s claws are always quicker than human hands, even if they don’t know what you’re doing.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
Please feel free to share your experiences of how cats see the world.


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