The best time of the year?

We’re getting down to the last days of summer now. It’s starting to be easier to see the signs that Fall and Winter is coming. However there are a few good things that are happening right now:

1: Hot chocolate in the morning, Lemonade in the afternoon.
2: The sun goes down early, which is a great excuse to waste the evenings doing what you want without feeling like you need to be busy.
3: It’s warm enough for hot dogs and cool enough (some days) for soup.
4: You can still eat ice cream while reading comic books.
5: You can drink hot chocolate while reading comic books.
6: You don’t need ice for your water.

These are all good reasons to enjoy this time of year, however it isn’t perfect by any means. We have to worry about how rough of a winter it might be, or how mild.
We have to realize that next week we might be shoveling two feet of snow, or that we might not have any snow until December.
There is no perfect time of day to have hot chocolate and ice cream at the same time. If you do try it, any comic book you’re reading will most likely be ruined, I do not suggest this.
I suppose that the one thing that this time of year is good for a meal of soup, salad and sandwish.

So there you have it, this may be a great time of year, but is it the best time of the year? that is a question that doubt will ever be answered definitively.
What do you think?
Thanks for reading!


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