Now it’s Fall

Now it’s offical, it’s Fall. Summer is over and now everything begins to change.
First the leaves change colors, after a few days of colorful leaves the trees give up until next Spring and we find ourselves knee deep in dry leaves.
Next the weather turns cooler… a bit of snow may coat the ground after a while. Then it’s suddenly time to think about all of the holidays that are coming up.
Before you know it, it’ll be Winter and everyone will be waiting until Spring hits again.
However, this is the time to enjoy the sight of colorful leaves, maybe with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, or a good candybar.
This is the perfect season for chocolate candy bars, it’s cool enough that they won’t melt, but warm enough that they don’t freeze. A candybar, a cup of hot chocolate and a comic book to read, what could be better?
It’s also the time of year that cats enjoy a lot as they have a high chance of… shall we say living toys? infiltrating your home, giving them hours of fun, if your cat can get over the lack of sunlight, that is.

I hope everyone reading my blog had a nice Summer and I hope that you are looking forward to Fall. I’m looking forward to bring you more of my humor this Fall, as well as my wacky logic and thoughts, plus I might have a few interesting posts coming up in the next few months.
Tomorrow I’ll give you a few suggestions for easy cat toys you can make yoourself.
Thanks for reading!


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