Cat toys on the cheap

Tonight I have several ideas for cat toys you can make… cheap. These ideas should all amuse your cat if nothing else.

Nothing’s easier

For the easiest cat toy you can make, take an old shoe (with laces) and put it on a plunger so the laces hang toward the floor.
This is a toy your cat will just love, however it is likely that you will have to pick it up quite often as your cat pulls it over.

A bit harder

If you want something a bit nicer, try this:
Take an empty tissue box, remove any plastic. Take an empty spice jar and lace it inside the box. you now have a cat toy.

1: Fill the spice jar with catnip if it has a fine shaker top, this will keep your cat interested longer.
2: This is best with a spice jar that is larger than the hole in the box. You can carefully open one end of the box and tape it closed if needed.

Getting difficult

Take an empty toilet paper tube. With a piece of duct tape seal one side. Take any small ball that your cat might have and stick it inside the tube, crimp the open side. You now have a cat toy that will last a few moments.


Now for the most complicated cat toy of the night, however it might be the best.
You need:

A large box
Carpet pieces
Toy mouse
Duct tape
Broomstick or other pole

Remove one small flap from your box, tape it at an angle on one of the long sides of the box, glue a piece of carpet on it.
In the center of the box attach the broomstick or pole, tie the shoelace on the top end of it.
Glue or tape more carpet on the bottom of the box, this cat also help kept your pole or broomstick sturdy.
Attach a second shoelace to the side of the box, this can be done either with glue, duct tape or by creating a hole, running the lace through it and tying it Tie the toy mouse to the shoelace.
Sprinkle catnip over the hole thing and you have a cat toy any cat would love to play with.

There you go, four cat toys that you can make. I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment, I’d like to know your thoughts.
Thanks for reading!


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