Jokes for September 24th

I’ve got several jokes for you tonight. It’s a new season, so forgive me if this post falls flat.


What hobby picks up toward the end of September?
Parachuting, it’s best in the fall.

What season is always getting blamed for anything that goes wrong?
Autumn, it’s always taking the fall.

What does a base jumper do in the autumn when accused of cooking the books?
He takes a fall.

What does a cat on a tethering stack of books have in common with a year?
It’s going to have a fall.


A parachute manufacturer suddenly declared bankruptcy, it had fallen from grace.

The four seasons met at a restaurant for dinner. It was Autumn’s birthday again and it thought it was being given a party, until the check came, none of the other seasons had any money, so autumn was forced to pay. It realized that it had, once again, fallen for the old fake party gag.


How do you realize that Summer is over?
When you have a great fall.

How do leaves know when to change their color?
They just fall into it.


Why is autumn the opposite of Spring?
What goes up must come down.

Why is a cracked tablet screen like a year?
It has a fall.

remember this one?

Going into the end of the season, a baseball team was on top of the standngs. Then came the bad news, virtually every star on the team was injured. Fifteen games later, with the season hanging in the balance, the manager turned to the replacement players and said “No matter the out come of these last games, we’re going to have a great fall. Either winning the World Series or on the golf course.”

Did you enjoy these jokes? Did you fall for any of them?
Please feel free to comment!
Thanks for reading!


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