Things all cats want

Tonight I’m taking a look at things every cat wants. I hope you enjoy.

Tail operated cat food can opener: Even though almost all cans have pull tabs, cats can’t use them, a simple machine that they can operate with a tail would be quite helpful.

Faucets that can be turned on with a paw, after all who doesn’t like fresh water?

A personal mouse hunting preserve were the mice are plentiful and easy to catch.

A human to bend to their will (oops, they all ready have that!)

Too many toys to shake a stick at, throw in the stick for good measure, it’ll distract a dog if nothing else.

An acre of catnip.

Every kind of food they can dream of, whenever they want it.

A pool of yarn to play with.

A tall shelf with many breakable objects to knock off.

Thanks for reading,.

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