Early Fall days

We’re still in the early days of Fall, right when the last vestiges of summer are vanishing and the first cool days appear.
These are the days that will be fondly remembered in the coming weeks and months when Winter strikes, that’s when we shall be recalling these days witfully.
Right now, as the days begin to cool, it’s still too warm for hot chocolate (if such a thing is possible), perhaps tea is a more fitting drink for these early Fall days.
Yes, a nce, crisp fall day should be enjoyed with good food, a nice slightly warm drink and a good comic book. This is the time of year to begin reading more exciting comic books, not the pulse pounding comics, save those for the dead of winter when you can get caught up in the life or death struggle of your favorite heroes and ignore the weather for a time.
A nce, exciting but not too exciting comic book fits the Fall bill right now, one where you know right away that the hero or heroine survives and saves the world (or universe as the case may be).
So enjoy these early Fall days, Enjoy the changing leaves, the cooler waether, the Fall food treats, they will vanish all too soon.

Thanks for reading.

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