Jokes for October 1st

It’s Wednesday night, time for more joke! Plus it’s October, the month of Halloween! Every joke night I’ll have ‘spooky’ jokes, or jokes with halloween monsters in them, as well as normal bad jokes. I hope you enjoy these!


A fisherman and a golfer were in a bar sharing some stories over a drink.
The fisherman recounted the shark he nearly landed.
The golfer proudly recalled his magnificent hole in one on a par 6 hole.
Then a sailor walked into the bar, “I just saw a 50 ft cat catch a whale!” He exclaimed.
The golfer turned to the fisherman, “That’s the tallest tail I’ve ever heard!”

A mad scientist crossed a cat with a whale, the result was a giant cat that enjoyed swimming.
“Now this will stop my archenemy, he only crossed a rat with dinosaur DNA!”


Why did the vampire run a bank?
It ran in the blood.

Why did the ghost love snow?
It was cold hearted.

Why was the chili roaster who also sold mirrors accused of being a spy?
Because of the smoke and mirrors.


What do you call a cat named Arr, who has a long tail and sews clothes?
A Tail-arr

What does a zombie say when it sees a fish super hero?
Super brains food!

That’s it for tonight I hope you chuckled at one or two of these.
Feel free to share your own jokes in the comments.
Thanks for reading


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