Random thoughts for October 3rd

It occurred to me that I haven’t had a post of random thoughts for quite a while. While it might not bother anyone to avoid reading the crazy, disjointed thoughts that rumble through my mind, I had no good idea for this post, so let’s begin.

If candy bars would have some kind of dried vegetable added to them, could you consider them to be healthy?

Do cats ever eat their fill? Or do they merely grow bored and take a break to sleep and hunt?

With the world waiting with baited breath to see what virus or germ is going to cause the most trouble over the next year (most are betting on Ebola as it has a head start), I begin to wonder if there isn’t some conspiracy behind everything– or perhaps like the Bard said, The world is a stage and all the men and women are players, with drug companies and politicians directing the play.
The last part is mine, but it does fit if you think about it.

You have to watch out for a cat’s tail, it can whip at speeds faster than light… or sound if they prefer.

What this world needs is more comedians, if everyone had a few more laughs everyday, the world might start to become a better place to live. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, perhaps with enough laughter we could manage to get rid of the crazy politicians.

Good ideas for blog posts are hard to come by, that’s why I don’t claim my posts are good, I hope they are good, but I don’t expect many others to agree.
I hope that this post doesn’t scare you away from my blog, but I want to see how a few other topics do on my blog.
I welcome your thoughts, should I keep this mostly as it has been, or should I tackle a few more serious topics on occasion?
Thanks for reading.


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