Nice early Fall weather

Now that Fall has been few for a few weeks, we’re starting to see how the weather is playing out, so far we see few surprises: warm days and cooler days mixed together, rain mostly but the threat of snow lurks, thinly veiled, waiting up in the mountains where cooler weather prevails.
This is perhaps the nicest weather of the year, warm enough to do things outside and cool enough to enjoy it. While there are always more than enough things to do, this is the time of year everyone should make an effort to enjoy.
Take the time to sit outside with a glass of apple cider and a good comic book, enjoy the feel of paper in your hands while you read the finely wrought comic, be amazed at the artwork, whether it’s so realistic you can’t believe it, or if it is so overstylized that it’s hard to read without laughing, whether the art looks flat or nearly jumps off the page at you. Immerse yourself into the story until you look up a half hour later and wonder where the time went for a fraction of a second before wondering what’s going to happen in the next issue.
For that is one of the amazing things about comic books; that so many people can combine their talents into building one single issue that can take you on an adventure without coming apart at the seems.
But as with every season, we must realize that these days are numbered, the seasons keep changing an all too soon the leaves will have fallen, the weather will be cold and snowy and we will soon be forced to sit inside drinking hot chocolate and reading our comics while we dream of spring, which draws ever nearer.

Thanks for reading.
Any typos in this post are most likely caused by a cat who is learning to type.


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