Jokes for October 8th

It’s another October Wednsday, that means it’s time for more joke relating to Halloween.


A bakery put on a Halloween costume party with a prize for the best costume.
The Brownies went as a camera, the bread dough as Wall Street bankers and the wafer went as Albert Einstein.
When the wafer won the prize, everyone was forced to agree that he was one smart cookie.

A Vampire was having a bad day. First three vampire hunters attacked him and nearly killed him, then a black cat crossed his path, distracting him from another vampire hunter who managed to nearly impale the vampire.
Next he tripped over a broken chair and smashed a mirror.
“Now I’m going to have bad luck?” the vampire exclaimed in horror.


What do you call an apple who’s getting the squeeze put on him?
Apple cider.

What does a pumpkin fear more than knives?

Did you hear…

Did you hear about the manager of a baseball team who became a vampire during the first round of the playoffs? When the series move to the next town he went baty.

Favorite jokes
Here’s a few of my favorite joke from the past few months:

Once there was a child born to a mad scientist and a super villain, she grew up watching as her parents were defeated time and again by superheroes. Deciding to combine the knowledge and powers endowed to her by her patents, she became a super mad scientist villain, she was bent on taking over the world, to that end she raised an army of mutated rabbits. Everything was going according to plan, New York was nearly captured, but then several superheroes united and forced her rabbit army to fall back in an orderly fashion.
Her minion in charge of the attack reported back “We’ve got a retreating hare line.”

Three nuts run into a bar in Nevada, they were arrested on suspicion of running a shell game.

Did you hear about the banana that juggled chainsaws? It didn’t last too long, the banana split

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed these jokes.

2 thoughts on “Jokes for October 8th

  1. Lol I like the Nut-shell joke the most! Here’s one that I heard before:

    How do monsters tell their future and compatibility?
    They read their Horrorscope!

    Cheers for bringing the smiles to people!

    Your pal,
    David Long


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