Cool nights, warm days of Fall

Now we are arriving at that point of Fall in which the nights get cool but the days are still warm, most of the time anyway.
Leaves are turning colors and falling rapidly, in most places, though some trees stubbornly hold on to green leaves, silently challenging Fall to do its worst.
The sound of crunching leaves underfoot bring to mind thoughts of candy, apples and hot chocolate.
It is also roughly half way through October, which means that everyone is starting to think about Halloween. Everywhere look you can see the specter of Halloween; front yards have suddenly become graveyards, everyone is digging the skeletons out of their closets and ghosts become commonplace. Black cats appear on doorstops, walls and anywhere you can dream of, all for the hope of giving someone a momentary fright.
Also pumpkin flavored everything is staring at you from anywhere you look.
In my opinion the best pumpkins are mellow cream ones at this time of the year, however many people enjoy pumpkin flavored everything.
I suggest that you avoid flavoring your hot chocolate pumpkin, instead have a nice pumpkin muffin with your hot chocolate while reading a spooky comicbook.
What kind of comic books are spooky? with a little work you can find many classic horror stories that have been adapted, such as Dracula, or you can find other, unique stories that are great spooky reads, or you can just find a comic book that makes you laugh.
Isn’t that the most important thing anyway? A laugh while you relax?

Thanks for reading.


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