Cats need comfort

Cats need comfort, it’s that simple. Cats want comfort, they demand it and they take it.
Cats don’t demand much comfort wise, just a soft blanket, good catnip and plenty of sun to sleep in.

The key to picking the right blanket for your cat is three fold:
1. Thickness: The thicker the better, better to knead, better to curl up on and easier for your cat to form it into what they want.
2. Flexability: Cat’s like to be able to adjust the blanket to their personal preference.
3. Thread count: While not what you might think of at first, it’s important to select a blanket that is well made, you want it to last a long time for your cat.

Catnip can be hard to choose as well. You can choose it based on price of course, but you should get the best quality catnip as you can, you do want the best for your cat, don’t you?
Don’t limit yourself to just catnip, most cats also love other spices, it’s a matter of trial and error, but I do recommend checking to make sure certain spices are safe for cats, many are but you don’t want to take chances.

Now we come to the most important thing for your cat’s comfort, a place in the sun. You need to choose a nice place with plenty of sun all year long, it should be out of the way (you don’t want to have to jump over your cat do you?) and it should have plenty of fun stuff for your cat around it, such as plants on the window sill, these will provide plenty of fun if your cat gets bored or hungry.

Now that you have the keys to making your cat comfortable, go to it! Find that sunny window, that fine catnip and a blanket that will make your cat purr.

Thanks for reading!


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