Jokes for October 15th

I hope everyone is having a monstrously good week. Tonight I’ve got jokes that will make you laugh, some might make you groan (okay most of them will) and even one or two that I’d like to say will scare you, but I won’t say that.
Here we go, halloween themed jokes to get you ready.


What happened when the black cat walked passed a mirror?
It crossed it’s own path.

What did the lycanthrope say on a cloudy night?
Were’s the moon?


A lycanthrope, a wizard and a vampire walk into a bar for a parting drink after a wild adventure.
They begin talking about the future.
“I’m going to build myself a tower,” the wizard exclaimed.
“I’m going back to Translyvania,” The Vampire decided after a few beers.
“Me?” the lycanthrope asked after the wizard inquired as to where he was going, “You wonder were I see myself in the future? I’m going to become a stockbroker, I here there’s plenty of wolves on Wall Street.”


Why do baseball players like vampires?
They know every bat has a use.

Why do sport teams always make sure they have at least one vampire on their team
To suck the life out of the other team.

Why do Vampires make the best assasians?
They are always out for blood.

That’s it for tonight, I hope you enjoyed these jokes!


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