Random thoughts for October 17th

Is it just me or am I making a habit of these random thoughts posts?

Some weeks fly, some weeks crawl, but every weekend is quicker than a cat chasing a mouse.

Halloween is n excellent time to give yourself a fright. Haunted houses are popular, as are horror moves, but those are minor horrors. If you really want a scare, check your investment fees.

Cats are funny creatures, they can sleep all day, all night (o nearly that much) only to were themselves out within an hour of being awake- which means they can start all over.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many books would it take to buy a famous painting?

Language is an odd thing, or more to the point slang is odd. If you get fired your canned, which is bad, but everyone loves canned peaches.
Another turn of phrase that confuses me is cutting the mustard. Really, if the mustard is so thick it needs to be cut, wouldn’t you just try another jar?

Thanks for reading, next week I’ll have a few interesting posts for you.

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