Fall leafs

Fall leafs, is there anything as mysterious as leaves crunching underfoot?
We’re finally far enough into Fall that many leaves have fallen from their trees.
Dry leaves crunching under foot, rustling against one another as you kick them out of your way. Can you think of anything as relaxing to do wile you wonder what’s going to happen next in your favorite comic book?
Will the heroes urrvive? Will the arch enemy fail once again? Will some animal outwit the poor hunter?
The answer to all those questions is yes, if it’s not you aren’t reading a normal comic book.
While comic books are semi formulaic, there is something quite relaxing about reading them, so what if the endings are seldom a big surprise, it’s the journey of flipping page after page, reading panel after panel, that can distract you from the cares of the world for a time.
These are the days of fall that are among the pleasantest, of Fall and possibly the entire year.
However it is the last half of October, which means that people become strange, they say and act unusual, perhaps they are merely excited about Halloween and are getting into the mood early… or perhaps they are falling under the spell of an evil witch, a blood thirsty vampire or even are about to suddenly become an undead zombie!
Yes, these are the best days of the year, just keep a stake at the ready, a pail of water near and something silver at hand. You can never be too careful.
If you don’t feel like taking those precautions, sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and a favorite comic book with your doors locked. Just keep the wolfsbane in the windows and you should be fine.

Thanks for reading.


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