Halloween costumes, part one

I promised you an interesting post this week and here it is!
Halloween is drawing near, so it’s about time for you to decide on an interesting costume, here are a few suggestions:

The simple


Get a suit, tie and vampire teeth along with a briefcase. You are now either a vampire bankster (yes I know that’s an oxymoron).


Remember those old cell phone comercials? Just get a bluetooth ear piece and walk around saying something like: “Signal strength test. NSA bug 4 is working.” Now you’re an NSA bug tester.

Cat’s always make things better


While this costume takes a bit more work, its a lot better:

Build a tiny seat behind your head, place strings attached to each of your limbs like a marionette leading to the seat. Now the hard part is placing your cat in the seat.
While this isn’t exactly a costume, it does show just who is in control.


This next cat related idea takes a little bit of imagineation, but it’ well worth it, you should get at least a chuckle or two:

All you need is an empty cat food can or treat package. You are now a used up treat or food dispenser.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas, I’ll have a few more for you later this week.
Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.


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