Jokes for October 22nd

Thanks for joining me again this fine Wednesday night, I hope you’re ready for a few halloween themed jokes tonight!


Why didn’t the necromancer jockey win more races?
Because he didn’t have a ghost of a chance.

Why are vampires lousy card sharks?
They have trouble with the stakes.

Why do vampires never eat at barbecue resturants?
The chefs always have steaks.


Who eats turkey on Halloween?


A young Van Helsing dreamed of being a world famous poker player. However every time he tried to play, he found the chairs too high for him, he couldn’t quite reach the stakes.

Remember these?

Why is a vegetarian used car salesman like a vampire?
They both hate stakes.

Why did the vampire run a bank?
It ran in the blood.

Dr van Helsing was addressing a group of sport fans, he gave them this sage piece of advice: “It’s best to watch baseball games during the day, that way you know that any bats you see flying aren’t vampires.”

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed these jokes.


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