Tips for a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse… it’s a term thrown around often right now, but few people have good, real life tips about one. Here are a few tips of mine, whether they are good or not we won’t know until such an event occours.

The worst time for a zombie apocalypse is around halloween, just because most people won’t realize that it’s a real apocalypse and not just a riot with people dressed up like zombies.
Once zombies are overrunning the world, the time to prepare will be over. You need to gather your stashes in advance.
First off you should have a secure place to live, with windows as narrow as possible, think arrow slits as were used in medieval castles, no zombie will be able to get through those.
Next you’ll want a secure upper floor, one that can be completely isolated from the rest of the building. Remember, without access to a floor, no zombies can reach you. If your building is built from steel, stone or perhaps brick, you’ll be much safer as well, these structures are build strong enough that even a sea of undead won’t be able to knock it over.

When you are outside four safe house, you should always carry several gallons of some kind of oil. An oil slick (even vegetable oil) wll slow down those zombies!
Also a torch is something you should carry, a dried out zombie will be just as vulnerable to fire as any monster from an old movie.
If you make sure you have a long term food supply, even jut a few months, you should be safe, the undead won’t be able to survive too long, if nothing else they will run out of prey after a few weeks at most- except for anyone following these tips.

Now to turn everything around, a few tips for those of you who might find yourselves undead zombies intent of killing all living humans:

Cheaply built homes will be vulnerable to attack by multiple zombies, use the largest zombies as rams to batter down doors.
Watch out for armed humans, let the foolish zombies around you take them out, just be ready to dispose of those zombies quickly yourself, remember that the undead don’t play by any rules.
Avoid politicians and tax collectors, they are another kind of undead already and might be more dangerous than any humans you encounter.

I’d offer more tips for zombies, however I’m not rooting for them to win.
Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll keep an eye out for related posts early next week.


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