Halloween is coming, relax

Halloween is coming, it’s almost here in fact. There are just a few more days until the horrors of the night, disguised of candy hungry children, will arrive… or is it children disguised as the horrors of the night?
If you dread the sound of your doorbell ringing because you’ve all ready eaten all of the candy you bought, here are a few ways you can enjoy the next few days.:


There’s nothing better than to waste a few minutes of your day playing a game to relax. Many game have released ‘halloween themed’ versions recently. Unfortunately most of these games seem to think just sticking a few pumpkins here and there makes it a halloween theme. Two game stand high above the rest:

1. HayDay: While this game takes much more attention than some others, they have decent halloween decorations. With tombstones, pumpkins, ghosts and animals in costumes along with other things (including a low spooky fog), it’s well worth the time.

2. Angry Gran Run: This game has gone well past placing a few random pumpkins. With floating skulls, spiders and much more, it has become an amazingly fun game to play.

I play HayDay everyday, I admit it, so of course I’m saying that it’s worth playing. However I hadn’t played Angry Gran Run for a few months before noticing the halloween update. I enjoyed it much more than I expected and I can see myself making it a standard part of my game playing. It’s developer has made major leaps since I last played it that take it far from a Temple Run knockoff.
Oddly enough TempleRun2 hasn’t had an update for Halloween yet, I’m hopeful that they might have one at the last minute.


What’s better than sitting back and reading a good book? For halloween there are a few classics that are must reads.

1. Frankenstein: The book is nothing like any of the movies. I can’t say that it’s better or worse. The story shows much more of the monster’s side of events.
It’s worth reading at least once.
2: Dracula: What other book is a must read before Halloween? It’s an interesting book, a bit slow in parts. This book is also nothing like the movies that have been made, though that is not a bad thing. If you like bats, medical mysteries and vampires you should read t now.

There are many other classic books worth reading right now, the Invisible Man, Varney the Vampire and nearly any other victorian era horror stories, however these two are among the best known.


What’s Halloween without watching a good old horror movie?
The old Universal horror movies are all great spooky movies to watch. The many Dracula movies from the 1930s are a great place to begin. The Frankenstein series from the same era should be read as well. The Wolfman, the Invisible Man are two other 1930s horror movie series that everyone should watch.
Looking for something in color with a bit more horror? Check into the Hammer horror films from the 1950s. Most of them star the great Peter Cushing and all deserve to be watch.

Thanks for reading.
Have any suggestions? Please comment.


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