Halloween costumes, part two- last minute ideas

Now for an unscheduled post:

No, I didn’t forget about the second part of my costume ideas. This post is just focused on last minute ideas. While these costume ideas are simple and leave much to be desired, nearly everyone should be able to do any of these ideas in a matter of minutes.

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week regarding werewolf safety tips, an old suit with a hat and tossing a sliver coin makes a good, easy, costume that also serves a purpose.

If you have only a few minutes to create a costume and nothing ready, don’t panic. Grab a can of food and pull the pockets out of your clothes, you are now a broke can opener. Any pet owner will understand it.

Have a few more minutes? Take an old sheet or shirt two, toss them over your shoulders, add a length of rope and you are laundry on a clothesline in strong wind.

Wear an old, ripped pair of jeans, a ratty shirt and sprinkle them with ketchup, congraulations, you’re now a cat groomer.

A smear of ketchup on your neck and you’re the victim of a vampire.

If all else fails, just be yourself, no one else can be you so you have the most unique, original costume possible.

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