Tips to thwart a vampire

Tonight I’m going to show you several ways to thwart the attack of a vampire. These tips are all but fool proof. If used together, I can promise you that any vampire will have a tough time bitting your neck.

A neck like a steel trap

The first key to defending oneself from an attack by a vampire is to realize that they have many weaknesses. The main weakness of vampires is the fact that they bite necks to draw blood. While that might not sound like much of a weakness, just how do you think a vampire would feel if his or her victim had a ring of steel around their neck?
Which is the first key, a steel collar. A snug fitting steel collar will most likely deter any vampre, if they try to bite the neck of anyone wearing such a collar, they will soon find themselves in need of new teeth.
While you might be tempted to try something a little less hard, such as a thick winter scarf, realize that such things can be removed or possibly bitten through.
If you refuse to have a steel (or other metal) collar around yur neck, there are a few other tips.

Marinated or basted

An excellent alternative to a steel collar is to remember one of a vampires other weaknessed, garlic.
Garlic is said to repel vampires, so eating a lot of garlic is a good start. Even better is to rub your neck with butter or oil infused with garlic. Not only will this deter any vampire, it’ll also give help dry skin.
As anyone knows who has read Dracula or watched any of the movies, garlic flowers will help keep you safe, however they can be removed all to easily, so I recommend skipping the flowers and going with a direct application of butter or oil, however simply rubbing your neck and throat with a clove of garlic will still help.
When used in conjunction with a steel collar, no vampire should even consider you prey.

What about a baked potato?

One more weakness of vampires is that they die when a stake is driven through their heart. While not a sure fire way to tell if someone is a vampire, it’s still helpful to know.
If you have to go out at night, alway carry a number of stakes with you. Any kind of stake will work, even possibly a steak.
A steak will always work if you happen to come across a vampire and a werewolf, simply toss the steak at the vampire and the werewolf should attack the vampire, giving you plenty of time to escape.

A bright idea

The last deadly weakness of vampires is sunlight. It’s well known that no vampire can survive the sun’s rays.
Which brings to mind this question: If the sun has the power to destroy a vampire, what about the advanced lightbulbs we have today? It’s worth a try, just carry around a powerful flashlight with a full spectrum light bulb and you’ll have one last weapon to fight a vampire with.

One more thing…

One word of warning, vampires have the power to hypnotize their victims. It’s believed that it is done by the victim looks into the vampire’s eyes. The trick is not to look a vampire in his or her eye. Pirates may have an advantage in this regard, at least those with eye patches.

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips will help keep you safe from vampires this halloween
Please feel free to share your own tips in the comments..

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