Chilly weather

November weather is upon us. Cooler weather is rushing in to fill the void left by the last gasps of summer warmth.
A flakes of snow threaten, icy roads and sidewalks are just around the corner. The warm summer air still fights, however, staging comebacks constently, leading to a false sense of summer, just enough to make one dread the coming winter ever more.
Soon the last of the summer air will leave, snow will lightly cover the ground, but always one thing will remain constent, hot chocolate and comics.
Yes, a good cup of hot chocolate can change winter weather from being something to dislike into something you can at least halfway enjoy. Add a favorite comic book and you have something you can enjoy during these early cold nights.
The one question you might have is what kind of comic book should you choose. The only answer is your favorite comic books. During this period of time, when many people dislike the weather, it’s important for you to just sit back and relax.
Thanks for reading and keep enjoying those comics and that hot chocolate.


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