Thank you

Thank you everyone, my blog had finally reached 1000 likes.
While it has taken longer than I would have liked to reach this milestone, it’s been an interesting journy. I’ve blogged about everything I could think about, I’ve blogged more jokes that I can count, I’ve added more and more humor over the months.
I’ve posted 370 posts (plus this one which means this is number 371), which is quite a few. I’m closing in one 200 followers as well.
So while not all of my posts are great, enough of them must be good enough to get a few likes, which means I’m doing something right.
I hope that I can keep getting my posts better and better over the next few months, I’m sure there will be a few that won’t be all that good, but with any luck no one else will think that besides myself.
Once again, thank you. I’m looking forward to the next 1000 likes, with luck I’ll have enough good posts that it won’t take another 310 posts to get there.

Thanks for read and I hope you have a great weekend.


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