Wacky thoughts- November 13th

Once more I’m diving into the world of wacky thoughts:

Imagine if weather forecasters named all storms after famous generals? And they used military terms for the results:

Just think, if that happened you’d be likely to hear something like this: Julius Caesar is launching an all out assault on California. Expect squads of snow attacking at all hours.

Politicians could be used for other weather events, like the jet stream and fronts, it would make sense since they are all full of hot air anyway.

Socks should only come in three colors: Red sox, white sox and black sox.

Imagine if all new shows were required to begin and end each show with a joke. The number of people hired to come up with jokes would drastically reduce unemployment.

It would be amusing if everyone who deals with literature for a living was called a bookie.

Thanks for reading.


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