A slight warm up

As the Polar Vortex retreats for the moment, everyone can let out a sigh of relief as warmer weather returns for a while.
When the weather changes like this, I’m reminded of comic books, either a mini-series within a regular series, where the evil doer(s) pretend to be defeated, but really have just unleashed a doomsday weapon, or when a character that was killed of is revealed to still be alive and fighting super criminals under a new name.
Even if you don’t see parallels between weather events and comic books, you likely started growing (at least slightly) used to the colder weather.
The only unfortunate thing about the warmer weather is that you have fewer reasons to drink as much hot chocolate.
The coming weeks will offer more chances for hot chocolate, as well as comic books to read.
With this late year warm up, you can read any kind of comic books you enjoy, everything goes well right now, in fact with the upcoming holidays, you might want to get as much comic reading time in as you can.
Enjoy the weather, enjoy the comic books and keep drinking that hot chocolate no matter what.
Thanks for reading!


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