How to give a cat a lap

o you want to get your cat to enjoy your lap. It’s a noble effort, and you will find that your cat will enjoy it. Some cats are natural lap cats, other cats might need a bit of convincing. Here are a few tips to help your reluctant cat enjoy your lap:

1: Wash your clothes in catnip: Forget soap, use catnip, the more the better.

2: Cover your lap in treats: Your cat might not get on your lap, but once they are stated you will be able to pick her up and place her on your lap with little resistance.

3: Sit in the only sunny spot in your house, your cat will follow.

4:Pour a bag of catnip on your lap. Your cat will enjoy your lap, or rather the catnip on it.

If your cat doesn’t like your lap, you can keep trying, just be prepared for your cat showing you his claws, you’ll also get to feel them quite well.
However most cats enjoy sitting on a human’s lap.
Far harder is getting them off, that requires even more catnip, toys, treats and promises of future laps.

Thanks for reading.


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