Weather terminology explained

Tonight I’m going to explain the secrets behind weather terminology, these are the secrets that that weather forecasters (a.k.a. meteorologists) don’t want you to know.

Partly cloudy
There might be enough clouds to hide the sun, but you could still see some light.

Partly sunny
There should be some sun, but there should be a few clouds… unless the sun is obscured, in which case the sn is out somewhere within a few hundred miles.

Isolated showers
There’s going to be rain, or at least a few drizzles, you might not see them, most people might not, but somewhere within the county or country there will be rain showers.

We’re going to get snow! It just might not be much and you might not see t, unless we get a foot of snow, in which case it’s all due to a change in the jet stream and not how I read the data.

Batten down the hatches! The wind is going to blow and nothing is safe, but it’s not windy yet!

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
If you’d like to see some other weather terminology defined, let me know in the comments.


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