Fowl weather

This week it’s fowl weather, the winds bring the scent of roasting turkey., gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce.
Pumpkin pies bake in the crisp morning air, or at least they will in a few more days.
While we wait for the main meal of the year, let’s talk turkey, or hot chocolate and comic books anyway.
One of the most debated things about hot chocolate is the number and type of marshmallows in it. A few people will use whipped cream instead an even fewer will want their hot chocolate straight, which is fine, but for the rest of us the choice is between the large marshmallows or the tiny ones.
In my opinion, the smaller marshmallows tend to melt quicker, create a more uniform foam, mix with the hot chocolate better and just plain taste better, however it is personal preferance.
Alas there are very few (if any) Thanksgiving themed comic books out there, so instead I suggest reading a classic, whether it’s an old favorite, a comic you’ve wanted to read for a long time, or just something that catches your eye, read it, try something that you wouldn’t normally try, who knows, you might find a new favorite.
Now let’s talk turkey, or rather something to do while you’re waiting for the turkey to be ready. The main thing everyone watches (and I will be too), the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The event that some of us have been waiting for all year. For some of us it’s the kick off of the holiday season, something that makes the holidays better.
You do need to have a bit of a plan in place, plenty of hot chocolate while you camp out in front of your TV watching it. During the commercials you can get more hot chocolate, feed your cat or even get your turkey going.
While I could offer a few more suggestions, I doubt I really need to, all I want to say is this:
Eat well, enjoy the food and get ready for a busy holiday shopping season.

Thanks for reading.


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