Jokes for November 26th

It’s Wednesday night again and that means it’s time for some jokes! As you may well know, I always have some odd jokes, some good, some bad, but always unique if possible.
Tonight is no different, though I’m afraid that a number of tonight’s jokes are fowl.


A cranberry walked into a bar and ordered a rink. The bartender shook his head and said “Sorry, you’re sauced.”


Once upon a time, a turkey decided to escape Thanksgiving with his life. So he gathered up all the turkeys on the farm and they built a plane. Just as the farmer was coming after them, they took to the plane and took off. The plane worked perfectly and it looked like the turkeys would get away- until they ran into a storm and the plane broke up.

Down on the ground, a pair of storm chasers were looking for tornadoes when they spotted the wreckage of the plane falling toward the ground, along with the turkeys.
One storm chaser turned to the other and said “Look’s like we’re in luck, fowl weather ahead!”



Why is Thanksgiving a vampire’s favorite holiday?
Because there are no steaks.


Why did the chef hire an elephant on Thanksgiving?

To smash the potatoes.



What is the smartest part of the Thanksgiving meal?

Desert, you’ve got pumpkin pi!


What is the happiest part of a Thanksgiving meal?

The cranberries, they’re sauced.


Sorry, that’s all I have tonight.  hope you’ve enjoyed these jokes… I was in a fowl mood when I came up with them.

Thanks for reading!




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