December air

December air is here again, crisp, refreshing with the constant threat of snow… at least normally. This year seems to be much more mild than most years. Globe warming/climate change? Maybe, but I’ve heard very few people complaining about it.
Regardless of the cause, cold weather is coming, it just happens to be a bit later this year. Soon enough we’ll have a coating of snow on the ground and it’s begin looking festive.
With the upcoming holidays, it’s time to begin thinking in a jollier way. add a bit of festivity in your life. With that in mind, you can change a few everyday things that you might not have thought of.

Hot chocolate, it’s the time of year no one looks askance at you if you insist on always carrying a cup full. For us hot chocolate connoisseurs it’s just a normal day, but add a festive peppermint candy cane and you will seem like you’re ready for the holidays even though you only want to minty chocolate taste.

Comic books, while not thought of as holiday fair, many comic book series have had a holiday issue at some point over their run. Even if they haven’t, don’t you sometimes want to ignore the holiday spirit and enjoy the mindless action of your favorite hero saving the world from destruction? Go ahead and relax, no one needs to know that you prefer reading about an arch-criminal’s plot to take over the world rather than listening to holiday cheer.

A festive bow attached to your cat’s collar makes them look like they are joining in on holiday cheer, but the red blood on your hands can be festive a well.

I hope this post has helped you begin to get into a holiday mood, if not, just wait until next week.
Thanks for reading!

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