Is your cat ready for winter?

Is your cat ready for winter? Let’s find out:

Do you have a nice warm blanket for your cat?

Do you have one every ten feet?

Good, now your cat can stay warm, but there are a few other thing your cat needs as well:

A one hour lap every 62 minutes.

A large bag of catnip every week.

Plenty of her favorite foods.

Fun places to explore, these can be drawers, shelves or piles of boxes to burrow in.

A nice warm bed with a blanket to sleep on or under.

Plenty of toys to ignore.

Plenty of non-toys to play with.

Plenty of treats.

A backup lap.

A nice warm place to sleep in whatever sun there is.

If you have all of this, your cat might be happy this winter.
Thanks for reading.


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