Jokes for December 3rd

It’s Wednesday night again and that, of course, means it’s time for jokes!
Tonight I’ve got a few odd jokes, a few funny jokes and a few jokes that just make little or no sense.


A cat spied a mouse in the kitchen and started chasing it through the house. The mouse nearly managed to get away from the cat near a bookshelf, but the cat ran into the bookshelf, causing a few books to tumble to the ground as the chase continued.
The bookshelf sighed and told the nearby chair, “That cat and mouse scared the Dickens out of me!”

A spy realized that he had been found out and tried to escape. He ran through a mall and into a Chinese restaurant before being tackled. He managed to get away from the men following him and into the kitchen, but a waiter bumped him and he fell into a pot. He reluctantly acknowledged that he was in hot water.


What did the cat say when she slept all day?
I had a purrfect nap.

What did the computer do when its mouse stopped working?
It called the cat.

What did the retired captain do to get ready for the holidays?
He ordered the decks swabbed and the hull built from boughs of holly.


Why did the reindeer buy flood insurance?
Because he lived in the rainforest.

Why do baseball pitchers make good pancakes?
Because they know what to do when the batters up.

Why do thieves love Christmas?
Because of all the silver bells.

Why do cats always feel like criminals?
Because they are always collared.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed at least one of these jokes!
I hope you’ll join me again next week for a new batch of jokes. Please feel free to comment.


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