Wacky gifts

Tonight is the first of three posts I have planned for this month to help you pick the right gifts to give people.
Tonight I’m looking at wacky ideas you can make into gifts.


Can you go wrong giving candy? Everyone has a sweet tooth and it’s very easy to buy or make.

For those of you who enjoy making candy, consider making candy shaped like the initials of the person you’re giving the candy to.
Another thing you could do is to make marshmallows in the favorite flavors of whoever you plan on giving them to.

If you prefer to buy your candy, look for the unusual,, like bubble gum cigars. If you’re giving a gift to someone you don’t think much about, consider Airheads.
Any candy bars are also good bets, but try to be unique, look for candy bars with something unique in common with whoo you’re giving them to, such as Clark bars for someone named Clark, or if the person is a Superman fan.

Baked goods

Almost as good as candy, you can’t miss with candy if you have enough time to bake.

Cookies are always good, they are easy to cut into initials or to top with something fun. Does the person you’re giving them to likechocolate? Add some chocolate chips on top. Frosting the cookies? Add some fancy chocolate on top of it, or marshmallows.
Use your imagination and you’ll come up with many more ideas that I can’t even think of right now.

Something to read

Most people like to read, gifts are a great chance for you to give them something new to read, from a little known comic book to the autobiography of an obscure person, it’s a great opportunity to let someone read something they might not otherwise have read.


Gadgets are something else everyone loves, who doesn’t like getting something new to play with?
One fun thing you can easily find is thumbdrives shaped like animals, toys or anything else you can think of.
Laser pointers are starting to come in different shapes, as are computer mice (not that anyone still uses them).
Keyboards are also being made interesting, from the projected keyboard, to keyboards that are more colorful, there are many options. One thing most people don’t have is a mechanical keyboard, while more expensive and heavier, they are nearly impossible to destroy.

I hope these ideas give you a helping hand for gifts.
I’m always interested in your thoughts.
Thanks for reading!


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