Weather as a cat sees it

Tonight I’m going to share with you the way cats look at the weather. To make it easier, I’ll give the human term for each weather condition after the cat view.

Warm and perfect for sleeping. We’d call this sunny.

End of the world, we’re all going to die. We’d call this rainy.

Confusing, warm and wet. We’d call this sunny with isolated showers.

Invasion by tiny cold aliens! We refer to this as snowy.

Perfect weather for flying! We’d say windy.

Mice are flying! We’d just shout Tornado!

Isn’t it still naptime? We call this cloudy.

The ground is covered in pebbles and they are cold! We call this hail.

That about covers everything a normal cat might think about the weather, unless your cat decides they like cold and wet, which they just might.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.


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