Gifts for cats

Tonight I have the second of my three gift posts. Tonight I’m going to give you some suggestions on what your cat wants for Christmas.


Cats are like people in that food is always welcome. You might consider a special fancy can of moist food, or premium dry food.
Favorite treats are also sure to please your cat.
Perhaps your cat would like a nice bowl full of catnip tea?
Speaking of catnip, you could always give your cat a tin of premium organic catnip as a gift too.


Most cats like to play, why not give them a new toy?
A ball to chase can provide hours of fun, as can a paper sack to jump in.
With the number of toys out there for cats, I’m sure you can find something your cats will enjoy.
Toys are also a way you can interact with your cat, so keep that in mind when you look at them.
I personally don’t recommend laser pointers for playing with a cat, I don’t think cats really enjoy them, though you might have one that find them irresistible..


Comfort is something else that all cats love. A nice new bed can be a good gift for a cat.
A soft blanket or pillow are two other options as well, just make sure that they are soft, also a plain color rather than a pattern is likely more enjoyable for your cat as well.

I hope these ideas help you decide what your cat wants for christmas.
Thanks for reading.
Feel free to comment with any more ideas you might have.

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