My 400th post

Tonight I write my for hundredth post for my blog. It seems like only a few months ago I wrote my 200th post.

My blog keeps changing for the better. I keep experimenting and finding out what works the best, I thank you for sticking around and continuing to read my blog. Just because I’ve gotten 400 posts, I’m not going to change everything, though I won’t hesitate to try something new if it appeals to me.
While I could wax poetic about certain posts I’ve had, I could also point out several posts that weren’t the best, so I’ll ignore both the good and the bad.

I plan to keep posting as often as I can, hopefully in a few months I’ll have my 500th post published here.
That said, I might be taking a few nights off over the next few weekss, but rest assured that I’ll be back with more interesting posts.

I have some interesting ideas for future posts in the coming months, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.


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