Jokes for December 17th

It’s another Wednesday, that means it’s time for another batch of jokes! I hope you’re ready for some laughs, some groans and some head scratching!


Why do actors love holidays?
Because every one has a ham for supper.

Why do potatoes make terrible chefs?
They make a hash out of anything they try to fry.


How do you tell if a cat has had enough catnip?
There’s none left.

How does a boxer know what to give his manager for Chrstmas?
He doesn’t, but he’ll take his best shot anyway.

How do you get a reindeer to fly?
You put hm on a cargo plane.


What gift should you never give to a Vampire?
A steak dinner.

What happens to deer in the rain?
They become riendeer.

What do you give the person who has everything?
Anything he hasn’t seen in a month.

That’s it for tonight, sorry I didn’t have more tonight. Next week I’ll have a few extra jokes if posible.
Thanks for reading!


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