Last minute gifts

Tonight in the last of my three gift posts, we’re looking at last minute gifts.
Everyone has at least once realized that they needed a last minute gift. I’m going to give you a few suggestions.

Thumb drives, everyone can always use a spare thumb drive. They are readily available, not too expensive and simple.

Screen cloths: everyone has at least one screen to clean, be it a smartphone, a tablet or even a laptop or TV. These are fairly easy to find and not too expensive.

Laser pointer: everyone has seen these, many people think that they don’t need one, but I very one will find a reason to play with one. These shouldn’t be too hard to find, though they do cost a bit more than my previous suggestions.

Flashlight: everyone needs a flashlight. While not a normal gift, some people will appreciate them, plus they are not too expensive.

A bag full of candy: while I mentioned candy in the first of my gift posts, it’s worth mentioning again. Almost everyone likes candy so it’s hard to wrong.

Comic books: many people fondly recall reading comic books as a kid, a comic book can bring back those memories and be a thoughtful, quick gift.

These are just a few ideas, with a little knowledge about the person you need a gift for, you should be able to think up many ideas like these.
Thanks for reading and good luck shopping!


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