Secrets inside Christmas songs

With Christmas drawing close, in fact most people are likely counting down to it in hours, Christmas music is all around us, tonight I’m going to point out some of the dark secrets hidden in the words.
Prepare to be amazed… or is that amused?

White Christmas
This song is all about wishing for snow for Christmas and recalling white Christmases that the person singing remembers. This song is one of the first written about climate change/global warming, which just about proves that Irving Berlin was a time traveler.

Deck the Halls
This song seems to be a song about decorating, but alas it has a much darker hidden meaning.
From women named Holly knocking one another out while fighting over a sweater to riots ending in burning books (logs), this song seems to be nothing more than a glorification of violence in the name of gift giving.

All I want for Christmas is my too front teeth
Another song focused of volence, for where else would someone lose their teeth? The poor singer most have been shopping on Black Friday.

Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer
The first song ever written warning about the potential threat from both nuclear radiation and Genetic Engineering.
The mother of this poor reindeer must have been exposed to the nuclear testing around WWII after having escaped a mad scientist that was trying to create a mutated race of reindeer to use in place of horses for his army to take over the world.
This is a song that should be studied further in case it contains other clues that might one day help us defeat an army of killer reindeer.

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
This song recounts a terrible forest fire in the middle of winter that must have been the first to be fought from the air.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town
You knew this one was coming, one of the most terrifying Christmas song ever writen.
This song warns about Operation Santa Claus which was initiated by the spy agencies of the world to begin spying on everyone.
Either that or it warns that Santa Claus began a spy ring that eventually became the NSA, complete with drones and reprisals if you are caught doing something illegal.

I hope this post has opened your eyes. I hope you think twice about the songs you sing in the coming days.
Thanks for reading.
Have you found any hidden meanings in other Christmas songs? Let me know in the comments below.


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