Last days of the year

The last days of the year are upon us. This is the time of year most people look back at the previous year… unless they are looking forward to the next year, some people do both.
Some people seek out predictions on what’s going to happen next year, the people who make these predictions make wild guesses that are supported by a single fact. In that spirit, I’m going to make three predictions here, I’ll show you the supporting proof as well.

1. Politics will once again be talked about by people who don’t know anything about what they are talking about. My proof: Politics still exist, there are news anchors and their support personnel and no one agrees with everything that is happening.
2. A major tech company will release a new product that will be called a failure before anyone can buy it, however the product will go on to sell millions while pundits claim it’ll destroy the company that releases it. My proof: Every iPhone released to date, most successful computers ever released, a coin I just flipped.
3. A study will be released stating that a fruit is deadly, two weeks later a new study will be released saying that that fruit can extend your life by decades. My proof: Most studies released within the past ten years.

With that done, I can turn to much more interesting things, such as hot chocolate and comic books. You didn’t really think I’d forget about those, did you?
With it being the end of the year, you should consider rereading the finally issues of the series that you love that are no longer published, it’s a great time to look back and remember those old heroes that you enjoyed, or those villains that you enjoyed reading about and secretly hoped would manage to defeat the heroes and rule the comic world.
Hot chocolate is a great thing to enjoy on these cold last days of the year, though with the sold weather most of us are enduring right now, anything piping hot is greatly enjoyed.
Regardless of what you enjoy drinking, I hope that this next year of comic reading and hot chocolate is even better than this past year has been, who knows, maybe a favorite series of yours will be brought back.

Thanks for reading!


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