New year, new ideas?

New year, new dea? Or just old ideas changed around to look better?

Now that we’re several hours into the new year, many of us have decided that this year is either a good year, a strange year or no different than last year. If you have decided that it’s a good or great year, congratulations. If you fall into the other categories I listed, just remember that in roughly 364 days from now it’ll be 2016.

I’m planning on blogging at least as much as last year, possibly a bit more if I have enough ideas for posts.
I’m thinking about building on the success of my most popular posts from last year. I want to know what you think of the following ideas:

How Shakespeare would have ruined mashed potatoes if he had been a cat.

If Tomas Edison had been a cat.

How to keep a cat amused while making cranberry sauce.

How a lumber jack would ruin a Yule log cake.

How to give a cat a lap and drink soup at the same time.

Secrets inside classic songs as discovered by a cat.

Think any of these ideas would make good posts? Let me know your thoughts. You might see these posts regardless however.
Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a humorous new year.


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